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Client: Cheap Monday     Employer: Oakwood Creative     Role: Art Direction & Design

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Done: November 2015   Client: Urbanears     My Role: Art Director, Director

Employer: Oakwood   Client: Urbanears     My Role: Art Director, Director


For the launch of the new Plattan ADV Wireless we set out to create a set of brand images. While staying true to the Urbanears gray space we transformed it into a spaceship and turned the Urbanears people into a team of astronauts.



Done: February 2015     Client: Urbanears     My Role: Art Director


Marshall headphones has extended their range and wanted to better showcase their products online. We focused on brutal simplicity and powerful visuals to engage consumers and showcase the Marshall legacy the way it deserves.


We also fine tuned the small things.. Like this power outlet selector. 

We also fine tuned the small things.. Like this power outlet selector. 

We played around with customer engagement and product presentation :)

We played around with customer engagement and product presentation :)


Done: June 2014     Client: Marshall Headphones     My Role: UX, Design


To launch Urbanears new washable Plattan ADV we gathered a flock of pigeons and created the worlds first Pigeon Shit Bingo.

One of the features of the new Plattan ADV happens to be a washable headband. Something that comes in handy when it gets dirty from hair gel. But also when it’s exposed to urban hazards, such as pigeons. So to get people talking about the new product and visit their website, we set up a game of pigeon bingo.

In short, we’ve built a 16 cubic metre large birdcage, where 25 pigeons sit above a grid of 25 Plattan ADV on plastic heads. Players pick the five heads they think the pigeons will shit on. The ones who get their heads hit get bingo, with the chance of winning a pair of the new Plattan ADV.


Game Application - Honoree    Live Experiences - Honoree   Consumer Electronice & Services - Nominee 


Test session for visual reference/camera angles/making sure that pigeons have a frequent poop frequenzy





Done: November 2014     Client: Urbanears     My Role: Art Director

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Check out the site here

Client: Digster     Employer: Oakwood Creative     Role: Art Direction & Design

Check out the site here

Client: Gärsnäs     Employer: Oakwood Creative     Role: Art Direction & Design

Employer: Oakwood    Client: Urbanears    My role: Creative, Art Direction, Design


Oakwood Creatures is a hands-on workshop about creativity, a full-day activity where we explore how technology can be used as a form of expression by making our own robotic creatures from scratch!



My team created The Playmate - A lonely robot looking for a playmate. Reach out and play and it will start to jam.

Hardware powering The Playmate:

2x Arduinos
Servo Motor
2x Sonar Sensors
2x Piezo buzzers
Paper Tentacle 
Fishing line
Black Box Boolean Light™ (Photo resistor + LED)


2012 the classic Urbanears Color Picker was introduced, 2014 we decided to take it further and create something new. With Urbanears introducing models into their branding it felt only right to make people part of the new color picker. 


Employer: Oakwood     Client: Urbanears     My role: Concept, UX, Design